Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sales Job

Had an email conversation with the wife.

For me, it's best to clear with "The Boss" beforehand, but she is pretty accommodating when I can provide reasonable rationalization.

Here is the email exchange:


If you want one, we will get you one! How/when do you think you would use it?


I think that I'd like a Kindle Fire for Christmas.

They're shipping now, but I don't know the lead times.

It is $199, only 40% the cost of an iPad2


Some of the benefits of Kindle fire:

Low cost
USB port
Unlimited storage in the Amazon cloud (Amazon stuff only)
Less than 1 lb total weight
Supports .doc .docx and .pdf documents
Smaller than iPad - 7" display


All plastic
Smaller than iPad - 7" display
No spreadsheet support
No built-in camera


How does it handle word processing and spreadsheets
I wonder if you can get at the OS ?


Locked into Amazon music and books
8GB storage, 6GB available
No Apple integration

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