Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kindle Fire - Reviews and Evaluations

1) Apple Insider

This site [HERE] has a pretty favorable review.

The article mentions a couple surveys, one of which indicates that a number of Kindle Fire purchasers have put off their acquisition of Apple iPads.

It makes sense that this will cut into market share due to price. How much remains to be determined. Apple has a solid reputation and very loyal following.

2) Forbes Magazine

A brief article called Amazon Kindle Fire: Unboxed!, Eric Savitz, 11/17/11

3) An AP review comparing the Nook to the Fire

Review: Nook Tablet is Kindle Fire's worthy foe
By Peter Svensson Mon, Nov 21, 2011.

Svensson favors the Nook

4) MSNBC review

I sure hate MSNBC's obvious liberal political bias, but this tech review is decent enough:

Kindle Fire review: Yes, it's that good - By Wilson Rothman 11/14/11

Rothman states: "The Kindle Fire can handle about 80 percent of what I want to do on an iPad, for 40 percent of the price. And much of what's missing won't be missing for long. Even if you can justify buying one iPad, you may look to the Fire as a second device in your high-tech home. And if you can't justify an iPad this holiday season, you might consider Amazon's alternative."

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