Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Beginning ...

I bought my wife an Apple iPad2 about a month ago.

She hasn't put it down since.

When the release announcements of the Kindle Fire came out, I liked what I was seeing.

A tablet-like device for $200, or 40% of the cost of an iPad.

Apple does charge a premium for their stuff and they get away with it as it is perceived to be "cool". Candidly, I'd rather have the $300 savings and forgo the "cool" label.

I teach college classes and this would provide a conveniently luggable device to help with classes.

It would be nice to use this where I work, but I don't think it will initially work. I would need a citrix client loaded to access my desktop. Citrix does have a linux based client (I use this on my Dell NetBook) AND the Kindle Fire uses the Android OS (Linux based), but I'm not expecting too much to begin with ...

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