Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Usage - Solar Charger

I picked up a Solio solar charger for my Fire at Radio Shack. It will be useful for trips, camping, power outages (offline, of course since the network will also be down) or other times when I'm away from a power source.

To try it out, I let the Fire battery go down to 69% then plugged the Solio in. After about 20-30 minutes, I checked the power on my Fire again and it was at 63%.

Come to find out, I didn't set the charger correctly and was using the Fire to charge my Solio. Sometimes it's worth the time to read the instructions.

This is what I bought:

Solio® Bolt Solar Charger
Model: S620-AH1RW | Catalog #: 23-1522
Cost: $69.99

You can see it (and order it) here:

The Solio folds to half the size shown above.

This could also be used to charge cell phones and other devices using a USB or micro-USB connection..


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