Monday, December 12, 2011

Downside - Clunky Volume Control and Kiddie Shopping

In an article titled "Amazon plots Kindle Fire update: Aims to weather first flap" a couple issues are brought up with the Kindle Fire.

One issue has to do with the lack of an external volume control and the number of clicks required to make adjustments. In the user world "clicks" are never considered to be a good thing.

So while Fire users develop calloused fingertips, Amazon is releasing a patch in two weeks to address this (rather insignificant) characteristic.

The second issue identified has to do with the click-to-purchase feature of Amazon products. Sure it's convenient. However, those that give these devices to kids may be in for a surprise when they receive their monthly credit card statement and discover that the kiddies have gone shopping.

Perhaps the ability to set an optional password for purchases would be an easy fix.

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